EuroAdvance Közgazdasági Tanácsadó Kft. (EuroAdvance Economic Consultancy Ltd), having its seat in Nyíregyháza, but also working on cross border projects abroad, is -with its eighteen years of experience and its own regional consultation center of 450 m2, opened in October 2003- a regional leader in providing business consultancy and full financial, accounting and quality management services.

Our predecessor was founded in 1994 with a financing consultancy and business planning profile. However, after having successfully managed our partners financial and business undertakings, our clients began to address us with their accounting and tax problems, and as a result, we had to extend our profile: we evolved into a company that has been providing full financial and management services for 17 years.

We provide not only financial consultancy, company management and training services, but also integrator and SMEs networking services. Our company successfully manages several domestic and EU tenders, provides training as a registered adult training institution, and has gained a tremendous experience in implementing, creating and developing controlling systems and integrated quality management systems.

Our company operates an ISO 9001:2008 quality management and an ISO 14001:2005 environment management system, and has been servicing clients as a certified body since July 2003. Our aim is not develop tax-avoidance techniques for our clients, but to plan and support the creation of profitable operations and management systems to ensure a stable economic development path. We prepare monthly interim reports (or as required by our partners) to indicate the direction and tendencies of the company’s progress, and to reveal the magnitude of difference between plans and facts, their underlying causes, and thus advise counteractions so that negative tendencies be stopped in due time.

In early October 2003, the biggest consultancy centre in North-West Hungary was opened in Nyíregyháza – Oros with a conference able to accommodate 120 people and a 50-place parking lot. The conference room has broadband internet connection allowing us to organize web conferences. Besides our own events, the conference room is available for hosting partner events.

Since July 2003 we have carried out several quality and environmental management system development projects. Our quarterly “Quality Management Seminars” helped us and the participating regional SMCs to bear in mind a quality-oriented approach.

EuroAdvance Kft. is a participant in the multiplication program of the Ministry of Economy and Transport and a registered EU consultant of the North-Plain Regional Development Council. Furthermore, it is listed in the formal Register of the National Association of Rural Development Consultants and is a registered consultant of the Chamber of Commerce (OPMT). In November and December 2006 we received a prize from the Hungarian Quality House (Magyar Minőség Háza) in the “Business Management Consultant” category and an “Award for Excellence” on the North-Plain Regional Quality Prize, respectively. In May 2008 we received the “Service Provider of the Year” decoration of the County Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Company is a formal and contracted consultant for EU tenders for several banks, including the Bank of Budapest and the Small Business Development Finance Co. (a subsidiary of the Hungarian Development Bank). With the latter we established a joint initiative to channel venture capital investment opportunities (a source of funding less-known in our country) to proper the development of SMEs.

As a trainer of the Structural and Cohesion Funds Training Center since July 2004, our Company continuously launches general and vocational training for small and medium-sized companies. Our commitment to improving quality and environment management is well represented by the fact that we are a member of the Hungarian Association for Quality and the ISO 9000 Forum of Hungarian Certified Bodies. In 2006 we also became a member of the Joint Venture Association (the Vice-chairman of the EU Commission is the executive manager of the Company), and in 2010 the company joined a special grass-root entrepreneurial initiative called KKV-ház (SME-cafe).

In 2007 we signed an agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on the operation of an EU-conform Regional Consultancy Center. According to this agreement, special consultants who joined us will provide assistance for agricultural entrepreneurs using EU aids.

In December 2008 several of our colleagues successfully participated in the EEOP (Environment and Energy Operative Program) Mentor Program and became certified EEOP mentors. Since February 2011, we are a contracted partner of the Small Business Development Company Ltd (subsidiary of the Hungarian Development Bank) for intermediating joint-venture capital, ranging between 10-10 million Ft in value. In May 2011, our company has become an accredited consultant of the New Széchenyi Plan in the following specialty fields: corporate strategic management, organizational development, technology and product/service development, corporate finances-, tax-, and accountancy.


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